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‘Noughty’ & Newsworthy – Part 3: Zombies

Okay, I can hear you all saying that so far this series of ‘noughty’ blogs is a bit one-track, narrow guage – but damnit, Zombies deserve their own blog post. And what is more Christmas-like than blog on zombies 😀

The past decade has been a brilliant one for Zombies – well, for the Zombie genre … the Zombies themselves don’t tend to fare too well.

The three best Zombie movies ever (IMHO) came out this decade, with “Shaun of the Dead”, “28 Days Later”, and the “Resident Evil” trilogy. Shaun is on loads of top 10 lists for the decade even outside of the genre, it really was one of those rare films that hit all the right buttons. 28 Days was simply a great zombie movie, and was very obviously the inspiration for plenty of zombie killing games. The Resident Evil movies are my guilty pleasure. Yes, they are somewhat cheesy and cornball, but I will gladly watch them over and over … in fact, an RE Marathon is now a Halloween Tradition at Casa Karembeu.

Honourable mention here should go to Zombieland. Zombieland was a strange one – I really wanted NOT to like it, so perhaps it was my low expectations going in that elevated it for me, but it was simply an enjoyable experience, and very funny in parts.

The noughties were also rife with great zombie video games. Dead Rising didn’t really get the plaudits it deserved IMO, while the Resident Evil franchise rolls on across all platforms, with RE5 hitting many lists as one of the better games this year. In a weaker year for games RE5 may have featured much higher.

The daddy of zombie games this decade had to be “Left 4 Dead” though. Designed to give you the experience of ‘playing’ a zombie movie, L4D delivered on every level, and was almost an homage to 28 Days Later – even the crows were in there! Left 4 Dead 2 came out recently, and I’ve played it LOTS – it really is a great game, and has featured on just about every top 10 game list I have seen this year.Valve really hit it out of the park with L4D and it’s sequel. The first downloadable content for L4D2 will even feature a chance meeting between the ‘survivors’ from each game – a nice touch. My only question is WHAT is Valve’s deal with Gnomes?

Finally, no discussion of Zombie games would be complete without the cross-genre hit that Nazi Zombies became on Call of Duty: World at War. A great franchise returning to it’s roots, delivering great game play, then adding Nazi Zombies – it had to be a hit!

I’ll end this blog a bit off-topic. You just have to peruse the shelves of your local bookstore, or surf Amazon.com to realise that there are TONS of really crappy Vampire, Zombie, and general demon books out there, but I have to share one I saw just this week at my local Chapters. I defy you to find a cheesier example of flogging this dead horse, I give you Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter

Part 2 of the blog series can be found here

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