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I May Be Losing My Nerd Cred

I’ve always been quite happy being called nerd or geek, but lately I’m wondering if I’m losing it. I’m sure I had the cred, I used to compile my own Linux kernel, built my own PC’s, owned an Internet company, use a fake IP software to be able to watch sci-fi shows via Hulu, and hell, I even enjoyed the last episode of BSG… really! Lately though, I seem to be off the pace.

First, no matter how hard I tried, I simply could not get excited about Avatar. When I finally saw it, I enjoyed it, but i still think the movie itself was pretty run-of-the-mill fare. Technically, of course, it was amazing, but Oscar noms??? Also, even being Canadian, I find Cameron annoying.

Now, as well as spending far too much time watching Space Channel and SyFy, gaming is a big deal to me. Sadly I have all the next gen consoles, plus an Alienware PC, and while I’m no great gamer – I’m dedicated! Again though, I recently broke with the world and had no real interest in Modern Warfare 2. I’ve since played the rather banal, and short, single player campaign. Okay, but nothing stunning IMO.

The final straw was the recent Lost season opener. Twitter was abuzz with people literally shaking with excitement about the new season (donfubar, I’m looking at you, bud!) Never have got into it, and don’t expect to – I spent the night catching up with Chuck on PVR.

So I may have to send back the secret decoder ring, send a private letter of apology to Victor Lucas, and start reading books again. But let’s not get carried away!

I can’t be alone though, or AM I the only person who is indifferent to Avatar, MW2, and Lost?

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