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A good old fashioned RANT : This Miley Cyrus’ sister debacle is trying my patience!

I consider myself an intelligent person, and also a reasonable one … well, actually I consider myself reasonably intelligent, but that’s pedantic. As such, I try not to jump to conclusions. I try to take a balanced view and wait for the evidence to present itself to me, not just respond in a knee-jerk manner to 3rd party heresay, without knowing the whole story.

For those unfamiliar with the state of affairs, Miley Cyrus’ 9-yr old sister Noah has apparently signed on to be the ‘face’ of a new line of lingerie for children. For those under rocks, Miley Cyrus is Clark Kent to her alter-ego Hannah Montana.

Here’s my dilemma. I want to withold judgement on this, but I have no desire whatsoever to see a 9-yr old in lingerie, so am having a hard time deciding whether I should be outraged or not! Now, lets face it, seeing “9-yr old” and “lingerie” in the same sentence is patently ridiculous, but perhaps it’s just some innocent line of pyjamas and sleep-over wear that they are trying to garner free press for with the “lingerie” tag … but I somehow doubt it. I heard some mention of “fishnet stockings for 5-12 yr olds”.

Miley’s parents seemed to be helping her navigate superstardom quite well, then came the Vanity Fair pictures. Now their other daughter is involved in what appears to be even more debatable. You have to wonder what these Hollywood parents are thinking!

Having two young daughters (young, but still older than Miley’s sister, by the way!) I can’t help but feel saddened by the report on this. I hope it’s spurious, and all fairly innocent – I really do. Rant over.

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