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iPhone App Review – Puzzle Games

I have had my iPhone for quite a while now, several weeks anyway, and while I am somewhat addicted to Twitter apps, I probably have more puzzle games than anything else. These are my favourites, I’d love to hear what you recommend!

Peggle and Bejeweled are PC royalty, and both have excellent iPhone versions. The two can be purchased for a combined $5 CAD – which on a scale of value relative to price, is as close to infinity as you can get! You simply can’t go wrong purchasing these games, and you will devote hours to them. Bookworm, another PC great, is only $3 at the app store, and may be my next purchase.

Boxed In, and the sequel, are $1 games, but the developer recently had a special deal where the games were offered free, all they asked was for you to take that purchase price and donate it to Haiti. Great gesture, and great puzzle games. Another great, and cheap, puzzle game is Cassiopeia. It’s sort of a reverse Minesweeper, and for $1 is a great logic puzzle. My final $1 value game is Relix, another well executed logic puzzle that will give back far more than the $1 it costs.

You don’t always get what you pay for, and these free games are proof of that. You would have to be under a rock not to know about Sudoku puzzles, and the version from publisher Mighty Mighty Good Games is a good one. The free version of Word Warp is a very good Text Twister clone, and you can’t argue for the price. The full version of Word Warp is only a $1, if you like the free one.

The big omission is likely Tetris, but I’m cheap, and it’s $5 – I can’t justify that when I look at the value you can get for same $5 elsewhere. I also just found Alchemize, which is free right now (normally $3), which is a very neat take on a Tetris style game – definitely worth it for free.

I have only included games I have downloaded and paid for myself, or that were free, so If you have any suggestions for great puzzlers I haven’t tried, please leave me a comment.

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