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More Olympic Musings – We all become experts, don’t we!

The 2010 Winter Olympics have certainly had their problems, what with the weather, ice conditions, snow conditions, and the usual griping, debatable judging decisions, and of course the odd accusation of cheating – doping I’ve heard of, but magnets on your sled in skeleton?

All that aside, I’m still loving the whole thing. I much prefer the more obscure events, the ones you don’t see every week on TV anyway. Luge, Skeleton, Biathlon, Freestyle skiing, it’s all fantastic to watch. One thing I notice every Olympics is that we all seem to become experts at events we only see every four years. During the brilliant Gold Medal freestyle run by Alexandre Bilodeau we were sitting around dissing various athletes as they came down those moguls … “his knees are all over the place … he’s not sliding from mogul to mogul” etc. etc.  This from one person who can’t ski, and three who consider a mogul anything that is not dead flat! The same happened with speed skating. One bottle of wine later and we were critiquing the finer points of skating technique. Well, I was, the wife was discussing the finer points of the male skater’s skin-tight costumes … were the Japanese men really wearing thongs? It would explain a lot of Japanese game shows and web sites!

Kidding aside, it’s hard not to feel amazingly proud and patriotic watching these athletes compete. I simply cannot imagine training for four years and ending up losing a medal by a few HUNDREDTHS of a second, like Kristina Groves did today. The Olympics is about so much more than medals though. The effort these athletes put forward is beyond inspiring. More than that, to see the absolute joy of athletes who simply perform to their best, or beat their personal best but don’t come close the podium, is wonderful.

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