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The World Cup is finally here!

Well, the World Cup 2010 is finally here, and as usual, there is plenty going on off the field too.

Four days and almost a dozen games in, the biggest talking point is the vuvuzela. Never mind that the players can’t hear anything, neither can we as fans. You can’t hear the crowd singing either. You would think you would be easily able to drown out a constant droning noise during a football match, well, the married men should be able to! It kills all atmosphere, though, and is beyond annoying. The atmosphere is as flat as the pitches.

The vaunted Jubilani ball is as big an issue. It is making goalies look stupid, and was the deciding factor in three games… so far! Even when it isn’t moving around in the air, the Jubilani is making goalies prepare differently in all situations. The ball is as big an issue for outfield players, making set-piece takers look like Sunday leaguers.

As in World Cups past, FIFA have decided to intervene and introduce another pointless “directive” to officials, this time they have targeted the scourge that is the penalty run-up. WTF? Forget the real problems in the game, let’s focus on the minutiae again… sigh.

More bitching? Why yes, as if the overly-round and light ball isn’t enough to deal with, the ridiculously high bounces are also causing issues. Pitches that are part artificial turf aren’t helping.

On the pitch, little of note, although Germany’s performance stood out. If FIFA wanted to have games decided by anything BUT talent, job done. Great disappontment so far, and since FIFA have decided to do nothing about the vuvuzela, I don’t see it improving.

  1. Spoff
    June 16, 2010 at 5:20 am

    The ball really is just like a 99p fly-away, the ball seams to curl the opposite way to which it is kicked.

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