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Just as the World Cup was getting exciting!

Finally, something happened on the pitch at the World Cup that didnt involve the Jabalani ball, or the Juvuvela, as I prefer to call it, as it is ruining the World Cup.

A couple of upsets back to back see the vaunted Spanish, and the formerly impressive Germans, humbled by lesser opposition. On top of that, the French look destined to miss qualification, along with South Africa – although the latter is not really much of a surprise, but it is disappointing.

Just when there was some buzz, other than the incessant droning of those horrible vuvuzelas, England played again. Teams like Brazil and Argentina often entertain… England rarely do. Even by England’s standards the insipid 0-0 draw with Algeria was boring. In fact, the performance was possibly the worst I can recall from an England team.

With just two points and ONE goal against mediocre opposition, England are left needing a win against Slovenia to qualify. Normally I wouldn’t be too concerned, but after that performance, and with England seemingly having no ‘Plan B’, we may not qualify – and frankly, we don’t deserve too.

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