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Check-in Spam

August 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Perhaps it’s the big storm rolling through, but I’m in the mood for a good rant!

Email spam has always been my biggest problem with the Internet, but to be honest, I’m finding check-in spam to be even more annoying.

Social media apps like 4Square, Gowalla etc. all provide the option to post your check-ins to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, which some have taken to extremes. Both of these apps allow followers, so if I want to know where you are, I’ll follow you there – no need to spam my Twitter feed with the same information.

Many people cite services like Twitterfeed as ruining the experience of Twitter, with essentially ‘fake’ automated posts being credited to the feed owner. I don’t see that as a fair complaint, since it may be information I am not getting elsewhere, and is not necessarily just a repeat from another app. Automated posts from check-in apps are not the same, and are far more annoying.

To make things even worse, we now have an app like GetGlue, which allows virtual check-ins for activities like reading a book, or watching a TV show – even THINKING about something! At least with location based check-in apps, they verify the check-in is legit, GetGlue is a joke. Some users are checking in tens of thousands of times, having ‘read’ thousands of books … right! I would hate to follow some of these liars on Facebook or Twitter, since of course the app allows cross-posting.

I thought XBox Achievement Whores (see previous blog) were sad and somewhat pathetic souls, but at least they work for their achievements. With search engines trying to include more social date in search results, I can only imagine how these useless automated posts are taxing search databases, much like email spam taxes mail servers, and ruins email for legitimate online marketers.

Hopefully common sense will prevail with these spammers, but that hasn’t been the case on the Internet so far!


James Cameron missed a trick with The Terminator franchise

March 11, 2010 2 comments

If Arnold had gone back to Brooklyn, New York in “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”, instead of Los Angeles he could have thwarted a far greater threat than Skynet.

Imagine if The Terminator had gone back to 1850 and helped the Connor’s target the fledgling headquarters of Charles Pfizer & Company, purveyors of “fine chemicals”. As well as getting to see the Governator in period costume, the eventual destruction of the Pfizer building would be a great blow for internet users of all kinds. Flash-Forward 160 years and imagine how much less spam email you would get every day without the flag-ship Pfizer product Viagra!

Imagine how it could have gone…

“Remain here, I shall return henceforth”

“Hasta la vista my good child”

“Charles Pfizer listened while the Terminator laid it all down: New York, Chicago, Penicillin, and Viagra, the history of things to come. It’s not everyday you find out that you’re responsible for 3 billion emails. He took it pretty well.”

Pfizer was the first company to produce penicillin in large enough quantities to be useful, and that was pretty vital come the D-Day landings and aftermath … but is that enough to make up for 300 spam emails a day? One thing for sure, old farts with young libidos would be out of luck, and Hugh Hefner would only have peaked at three live-in girlfriends instead of six.

Now if we can get Marty and his DeLorean to eradicate Rolex I might get my inbox back.